Earth Day 2022

ACCP Staff

As we approach Earth Day 2022, the outlook for reversing the impact of climate change is perhaps at its most dire. In its report earlier this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Change (IPCC) declared the urgent need for extreme action to mitigate – and adapt to – the effects of global warming.

The outlook is grim, as much of the climate crisis is now “irreversible” and time is running out for a “livable future”:

  • Almost 50% of humanity is already at high risk, the poorer population disproportionately so.
  • People in 2100 will face 4x more extreme weather even if limited warming begins now.

To add further context, TriplePundit shared Five Key Takeaways from the 2022 IPCC Report:

  • Climate change is bad for all, but it’s already worse for the most vulnerable.
  • Global warming is interconnected with all development challenges.
  • 1.5 degrees Celsius remains the threshold for making changes, and we’re not far from it.
  • Efforts are being made, but it’s not enough.
  • We needed to be making big strides as of yesterday – but doing things tomorrow will help.

In addition, Professor Kimberly Nicholas, Sustainability and Climate Scientist at Sweden’s Lund University, explained the IPCC report in ‘plain language’ in a recent Twitter thread.

We live in a time when the need for more efforts on disaster risk reduction and adaptation is evident. We know that climate change will exacerbate the challenges for sustainable development all over the world. Yet, the IPCC report is not just alarming doomsday statistics. It also contains encouraging advice for making future climate progress:

  • Water management – land-use planning, flood and drought risk management
  • Improving food security – agroforestry, strengthening biodiversity
  • Transforming cities – establishing green and blue spaces, social-safety nets for disaster management
  • Adapting informal settlements – involving residents in decision-making, engaging policymakers, institutional change

Furthermore, we know companies – including many ACCP members – are emphasizing the “E” in ESG and making strides to reduce climate change and its devastating effects:

Finally, there are ways to embed climate change, sustainability, and environmental conversations into every part of the business from employee engagement, CSR, contracts, and more.

Here are a few resources to consider as you look at how you and your company can contribute to climate progress:

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