New Pulse Survey Released

New Survey Released Today: Nearly 70% of CSR & ESG Professionals Concerned about Long-Term Impact of Corporate Commitments to DEI Following the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling

While 86% Say Communication about Corporate Social Impact Work is Changing, only 9% Report a Current Decrease in Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DENVER, CO – Today, during their annual conference in Denver, Colorado, the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP), the nation’s leading advocate for corporate social impact professionals, released results from a new survey representing a third of their membership indicating that 65% of professionals working in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) fields are concerned about the future of their company’s commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). 

The exclusive, pulse survey illustrates the real-time, and potential future, impact today’s socio-political climate is having on corporate responsibility work at many of our nation’s leading companies.  

“Our survey results send a clear message that professionals on the front-lines  carrying out social impact work for both public and private companies are concerned about the impact recent events could have on the future of diversity, equity & inclusion commitments,” said Carolyn Berkowitz, president and CEO of the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals (ACCP), during the association’s annual conference being held through Wednesday in Denver, CO.  “However, today any current changes in the work are largely cosmetic and are being reflected in the way a company communicates about their corporate social impact work. Companies’ commitment to the work continues because they understand that being good corporate citizens is good for business and important to their key stakeholders. 

Even though 65% report a level of concern about future impact of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling earlier this year, and the current national discussion around DE&I, only 9% report a current decreased commitment from their company towards their DE&I strategy.  However, 60% say the way they talk about the work and communicate it to external audiences is changing.  

Additional key data from ACCP’s exclusive, pulse survey fielded in September and released today during its 2023 annual conference in Denver, which includes 375 professionals primarily responsible for making the decisions and carrying out the work of corporate citizenship on behalf of 250 major companies around the globe, include:

  • A combined 65 percent are concerned about the impact this year’s Supreme Court affirmative action ruling, coupled with the current national discussion around ESG and CSR, will have on their company’s future commitment to DEI.
    • 13% are very concerned; 21% concerned; 31% somewhat concerned and only 36% report no concern at all.  
  • A combined 86% have either changed the language they use to talk about the work or have decreased external communications about their work overall.  
    • 60% report changes in language used to talk about the work.
    • 26% report an overall decrease in external communication. 
  • Only 9% report a current decrease in their company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

“In this uncertain environment, the survey underscores how companies are continuing to hold strong their resolve and commitment to their social impact work as they see it as a critical component to the long-term financial and economic health of their business.  CSR and ESG give companies a competitive advantage in terms of driving sales, recruiting and retaining talent, and building reputation.  To allow a vocal minority to detract from sound business strategy during this time would be a major mistake that could cost companies long-term success.  And corporate executives know it is good for business, which is what we see reflected in these results – a change in the way the work is being talked about but not in the overall commitment to being good corporate citizens,” Berkowitz concluded. 

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