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March 30-31: ESG Summit (Virtual)

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues are key business drivers for companies today. Understanding how these areas add value or create risk for your company, and your role in infusing CSR into the ESG conversation, is crucial for Corporate Citizenship leaders, as you play a role in both understanding and impacting the ESG issues relevant to your business. Join us for Understanding ESG: An ACCP Summit to learn more about ESG and how you, as a CSR practitioner, can enhance your company’s approach. 

April 5 – May 24: The Forum: A CSR Immersion Training (Virtual)

The Forum is a comprehensive program for corporate citizenship professionals with one to five years of experience in the field to receive immersive, hands-on learning about the landscape of the CSR field within a small cohort of purpose-minded professionals

June 22-23: Impact Measurement Summit (Virtual)

From inputs to impacts, business ROI to community advancement, we know that measurement has a profound impact on the daily work of corporate citizenship practitioners. Join us for Impact Measurement: An ACCP Summit to learn how companies are measuring the effect of their CSR work on both community outcomes and business results.   

September 13-15 & October 16-18: ACCP Corporate Citizenship Conference (Virtual & In-Person)

We are excited to introduce the next adaptation of the ACCP Annual Conference. Building on the two primary outcomes you expect from this beloved event, our 2022 conference will provide actionable learning and opportunities to connect and engage. Conference 2022 will consist of two connected experiences – virtual and in-person – that maximize the effectiveness of their respective formats. The virtual component will emphasize practical learning.  The in-person component, to take place a few weeks after the virtual component, will feature facilitated peer discussions on timely topics and interactive learning, as well as opportunities for meaningful connection with your peers

December 6-7: Global CSR Summit (Virtual)

Corporate social responsibility crosses borders and serves as guiding light for global companies to think broadly about their strategy for engaging with communities around the world. Programming must be tailored to the needs of different locations, to the policies and laws of a given country, to the expectations of local employees, and to the cultural customs and practices of a given region. Join us for this program on a global approach to impactful engagement.  

We will continue to offer monthly webcasts as well as regularly scheduled gathering of our Member Groups. Keep abreast of upcoming programs through our weekly e-newsletter, The Wrap, and our online events calendar. 

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