Understanding ESG: An ACCP Summit

Understanding ESG: An ACCP Summit
March 30 & 31, 2022
1pm – 4pm ET
Interactive Online Program


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues are key business drivers for companies today.  Understanding how these areas add value or create risk for your company is crucial for Corporate Citizenship leaders, as you play a role in both understanding and impacting the ESG issues relevant to your business. Join us for Understanding ESG: An ACCP Summit to learn more about ESG and how you can enhance your company’s approach. 

Learning Outcomes

Over the course of the session, we will cover:

  • An overview of what is encompassed within the topic of ESG
  • Defining materiality and the importance of materiality assessments 
  • Identification of key stakeholders and addressing the issues relevant to them
  • The role and importance of reporting ESG initiatives

Who Should Attend:

  • Corporate Citizenship leaders needing to learn more to better engage ESG teams/functions inside their organization.
  • Corporate Citizenship leaders who are branching out into ESG and need foundational knowledge of the topic


  • ACCP Members: $395 
  • Nonprofit partners of ACCP member companies: $395 (you will need to input your partner contact/company during registration) 
  • Non-ACCP Members: $595

found session topics timely and useful
90 %
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Program Agenda

Day One – March 30th, 2022 – 1pm – 4pm
ACCP Facilitator

Welcome and Introductions

Christine Riley Miller

Senior Director, Global Reputation & ESG Lead at BeiGene USA, Inc.

An overview of ESG

  • What ESG is and why it is important
Lydia-Rose Cox

Senior Analyst, Brodie Partners &

Caitlin Karna

Senior Analyst, Brodie Partners

Understanding Materiality

  • Defining materiality
  • The importance of materiality assessments
  • Key steps in the materiality assessment process
  • How does materiality translate to strategy
ACCP Facilitator

Questions and Close Out

Day Two – March 31st, 2022 – 1pm – 4pm
ACCP Facilitator

Welcome and Recap


Jaime Barclay, Social Impact & Public Policy Lead, Momentive.AI

Eileen Buckley, Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility, Stryker

Catherine McGlown, VP, ESG & Community Impact, MetaBank

Identifying and Collaborating with Key Stakeholders: A Panel Discussion identifying key stakeholders and the issues relevant to them:

  • Considering stakeholders in your ESG strategy and practice
  • Internal stakeholders / how to collaborate internally

Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder/CEO, WeSpire

Eric Massey, Director, ESG Policy and Reporting, APS

The Role of Reporting & Disclosures

  • What is ESG Reporting
  • Key Audiences for your ESG Report
  • How Companies Typically Report (Annual Reports + Disclosures – SASB, TCFD, etc.)

Previous attendees say...

"It was great to have both panel presentations, live Q&A, and break-out sessions. Kept the momentum of the meeting and energy level high."

Previous attendees say...

“A very timely topic, fantastic insight.”

“Very well thought out agenda with relevant and timely topics. Time well spent.”

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