ACCP’s Top 10 Most Read Blogs of 2022

ACCP Staff

2022 was undoubtedly an eventful year for the corporate social impact field, and the top 10 most-read posts of the year on the ACCP Insights Blog reflect many of the issues and trends that were top of mind last year.

Through the blog, we looked at the importance of creating and measuring impact, the how-tos of expanding CSR efforts globally, and what questions will likely continue to face the sector going into 2023.

As we collectively reflect on this past journey while looking ahead toward a new one together – let’s take a look at the top 10 posts that captured the attention of our ACCP members and the CSR field at large.

10 – How KPMG is Working to Advance Equity by KPMG

Social impact teams must be diverse to lead in promoting greater diversity. This ensures that the interests and goals of underrepresented groups are considered and those diverse perspectives are incorporated into decision-making.

9 – “The State of Corporate Social Responsibility & Key Trends” with Carolyn Berkowitz

The field has changed enormously since I’ve been in it, and mostly for the good. The last 3 years have seen more change than any period I can think of. Remember, CSR is still a young field, so it has always been growing and changing. But the most important and positive change I’ve witnessed is the ever-increasing alignment of CSR to the business and business strategy.

8 – Corporate Social Impact Predictions for 2023 by ACCP

CSR will continue to be an essential ingredient for culture and purpose that can be a boon for the recruitment, engagement, and retention of employees.

7 – Where Impact Meets Efficiency: How SROI Can Guide Your CSR Investments by Reve Fisher, True Impact

We believe SROI is best used as a flashlight (to illuminate), not a hammer (to punish). When used well, SROI can showcase your hard work, help you operate more strategically, and offer insights to extend your impact and help more people.

6 – Building Transformational (Not Transactional) Community Partnerships by Teresa Pelletier, Fidelity Investments

It was – and is – essential for us to remember that the community members and nonprofit leaders are the experts in what communities need. The corporate partner’s job is to listen and to learn.

5 – Giving to India? FCRA Compliance & More by CAF America

The legal environment for cross-border giving is constantly changing. Beyond keeping up to date with the latest regulations, it’s important to look at how these rules are translated into practice and to know how they are implemented and enforced. 

4 – The Most Important CSR Trend for the New Decade by Carolyn Berkowitz, ACCP

While others are debating in polarizing absolutes, corporations are taking action with solutions of compromise.

3 – Observing Juneteenth in an Impactful Way by ACCP

With the issue of racial injustice front and center, awareness and recognition of the holiday is finally becoming more mainstream. This year’s Juneteenth offers a timely way for corporations and individuals to support employee diversity.

2 – Corporate Response to the Crisis in Ukraine by ACCP

Many ACCP members reached out to us to find out what other companies were doing in response to the crisis in Ukraine and what information and resources they should consider as they crafted a response.

1 – Corporate Social Responsibility: A Brief History by ACCP

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has come a long way, morphing from a nice thing to do to what it is today: a necessity for a successful business.

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