Meet Amanda Fowler

ACCP Meets Amanda Fowler

Executive Director, Global Corporate Giving,
Edwards Lifesciences and Edwards Lifesciences Foundation

How did you first hear about ACCP?  Why did you join?

When building the new function of Global Corporate Giving at Edwards Lifesciences with a small yet mighty team almost a decade ago, I knew connecting with experienced, like-minded professionals in the field would be the best way to practically brainstorm new ideas and confirm best practices. I was looking for authentic, unfiltered input and quickly found that at ACCP, with its huge community of pros and “cone of silence” code for connecting, fit that bill perfectly.

From my first annual conference, to now serving on the board for several years, the value in ACCP membership is significant and found in the people – the experienced staff and our members. I’m beyond grateful for all that ACCP gives us.

What do you feel is the most pressing issue facing those in CSR today? Why?

All corporate functions are facing many pressing issues today. Unique to CSR are the challenges of meaningfully lifting-up our communities and impacting global social causes during a time when the world is throwing us the fastest curveballs imaginable. Curveballs that are undoing much of the achievements of our work over the past decades. Work to improve health, homelessness, hunger and family stability is undone by people stripped of their jobs and people more afraid of the threat of COVID-19 than the health issues that are a reality.

CSR work is shifting from building access and opening doors, to now also getting into the minds and psychology of those we are trying to help and guiding them through the doors. That said, if there is a group of leaders to get at these issues, it’s CSR professionals who deeply connected to and passionate about helping people and impacting global issues. We GET to do this work and are fortunate to be in a position to actually do something about the issues the world is facing.

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